23,000 square feet of manufacturing - warehouse - shipping facility in Bainbridge, Georgia - zoned Light Industrial

South Georgia Commercial Property

600 Independent Street Bainbridge Georgia




The substructure comprises a four and six-inch 3,000 PSI concrete slab on grade reinforced with WWF 6x6 W 2.9 x W 2.9 with vapor barrier on 4 inch crush stone of sand fill compacted to 98% procter density, positioned on varying types and sized concrete footings. Pre-engineered steel frame and 5 ½ concrete tilt up panels with 26 gauge corrugated metal panels above to the roofline.  Concrete masonry units demise the office portion extending two floors from ground level.  Column spacing is typically 20’ x 42’.   Manufacturing-Shop Area:  The manufacturing and shop components of the improvements comprise approximately 10,623 square feet or approximately 46% of the total building areaThe interior stack height within the open clear span portions of the component approximates 28 feet above the finished floor area. Office area: The first floor office area comprises approximately 6,425 square feet and is internally demised as a lobby, five private offices, president’s office, sales/service area, conference, design area, clerical areas, file room, janitor’s closet and men and women’s restrooms.  The second floor office area comprises approximately 6,025 square feet and is internally demised as lobby, secretarial area, ten private offices, copy and print room and two large open modular workstation areas.  Docking and Loading facility's: An approximate 880 square foot (60’ x 14’.8”) truck well aligns the approximate northwest corner of the building serving an approximate 235 square foot loading dock equipped with dock bumpers. The manufacturing and shop areas are served by an interior crane way top running, double girder, single trolley, and equipped with a 10-ton and 15-ton crane and 180 lineal feet of rail. Asphalt Paving: Approximately 20,250 square feet of vehicular drives and parking areas demised as 64 parking spaces inclusive of handicapped. Concrete Paving:   Approximately 1,700 square feet providing ramps, staging pads, docking area loading drive at the northern elevation and approximately 3,864 square feet of concrete pads and related components. Landscaping:  Approximately 40,369 square feet of landscaping and including grassed areas and various flowering bushes and shrubs.