Seller Agency

In today's real estate market information is king and with today's savvy buyers, you only get one shot to get their attention.

3 Rivers Realty creates a custom marketing plan for each of its properties beginning with our graphic designer, photographer and marketing consultants who work with us to craft the "image" we want to project for each of our clients.  Unlike many firms who passively wait for potential buyers to find them, 3 Rivers Realty's marketing is geared toward compelling people to get in the market to buy even though they may not have considered it before seeing our presentation of your property. 

3 Rivers Realty's Broker and agents have been in the timber/real estate industry for over 20 years and sold thousands of acres of Recreational and Ag land throughout the southeast and millions of dollars in Residential Estate properties. During that time we have built and maintained a network of professional relationships and a client base that includes private and public investors, TIMO's, Timber REIT's, Timber Companies, Land Brokers, Corporate Investors, Southwest Georgia MLS, Banks, Financial Advisers, CPA's and Attorneys. 


Buyer Agency

Most traditional real estate firms only offer Seller Agency representation.

3 Rivers Realty not only offers the traditional Seller Agency representation, we also offer Buyer Agency representation.  As a Buyer's Agent, 3 Rivers Realty can work for you in your search for the perfect property.  We want to sell you the property you want, not just the properties we have listed.  When you're considering the purchase of a property represented/listed by another company, let 3 Rivers Realty be your advocate to obtain the best price and terms for your real estate purchase.  We can bring together our experience and knowledge of the market to be sure you are informed and represented well when you are ready to buy.

For more information about Agency relationships and which is right for you, please contact us

3 Rivers Realty's approach to evaluating a Recreational / Hunting property's potential begins with the belief and understanding that the terms "recreation" and "hunting" have wide and varied definitions.  Although the dominant recreational activities in our area involve hunting Turkey, White-Tail deer and Quail - to consider only those three activities sells short all our area has to offer those seeking a higher/better quality of life with their family and friends.  As an example, the area of the Southeast that 3 Rivers Realty operates in is a highly sought after destination for waterfowl hunting and boaters.  We have tens of thousands of acres of public lakes and rivers with hundreds of miles of navigable water, some with access to the Gulf of Mexico to the south and as far as 100 miles north.




3 Rivers Realty takes a no-non-sense approach to its evaluation of Investment Timberland/Agricultural properties.  Whether you are buying or selling this class of property, all parties involved understand that it's all about the numbers.  Starting with in depth research of soil quality, site index and the production capabilities of the land, 3 Rivers Realty can assist you in determining present and future values/trends of timber investments as well as Agricultural properties.  Using our evaluation process, we have helped corporate and private interest analyze thousands of acres of timberland and agricultural properties prior to an acquisition.


There are many reasons people want to live in our part of the world, not the least of which is the high quality of life available in the area.  In our region's past, entrepreneurs from the North and Eastern Seaboard flocked to the South to take advantage of mild winters and the multitude of outdoor activities not available to them elsewhere.  The same is still true today however a key factor has changed - with the relative ease at which people can travel these days, it no longer takes weeks to travel here from other areas of the country or the world.  We at 3 Rivers Realty have worked with countless individuals over the years from all over the country and world and although each of them had many reasons for coming to our area, one common thread they all shared was they all had an appreciation for Southern hospitality and the Southerners ingrained longing for and love of a tract of land to call home.  They believed, like any good Southerner, that home is not just a place to lay your head at night or to pass through on your way to the next stop - home is a place to make a life where as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.  


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and encourage you to call or email us with your questions, however, if you plan on being in Bainbridge we would be happy to meet you in person at our Bainbridge office. 


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