15,300 square feet of manufacturing - warehouse facility in Bainbridge, Georgia - zoned Light Industrial

South Georgia Commercial Property

601 Independent Street Bainbridge Georgia


The substructure comprises a new five-inch 3,500 PSI concrete slab over an existing three-inch slab.  The new slab is at grade reinforced with WWF 6 x6 W 2.9 with mil vapor barrier on 4 inch crush stone of sand fill compacted to 98% procter density, positioned on varying types and sized concrete footings. Pre-engineered steel-frame truss system finished with 26 gauge corrugated metal panels.  The exterior height approximates 50 feet above ground level.  A metal roof slopes south to north at 1/12 and runoff is assisted by gutters and down spouts at the north elevation.  Exterior grade pebble aggregate face on tilt up concrete panels to a height approximating 20 feet above the ground level with 26 gauge metal panels extending 30 feet to the eave peak. The interior stack height approximates 35 feet above the finished floor area. Three, flush metal pedestrian type doors in metal frames at the east and west elevations.  Two, 20 foot by 16 foot side type doors at the eastern and western elevations, each served by an 8 foot by 28 foot canopy, four, 12 foot by 14 foot overhead doors at the northern elevation each served by a 6 foot canopy. The manufacturing and shop areas are served by an interior crane way top running, double girder, single trolley, and equipped with a 15-ton and 50-ton crane.

The building is currently leased through the end of 2017 with no plans to renew lease to current tenant.